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Today there are so many different types and brand names for all products that it is sometimes difficult to decide which one you should buy. Fortunately though, websites like the one by Consumerism INC that review many of the products available and give listings as to the merits of each. As these sites often offer pros and cons for each item, it makes it easier to decide what benefits you would like and what benefits you miss out on in order to get the ones you want.

Among some of the products which these sites have reviewed are kitchen faucets as today there is, of course, more than one type and certainly more than one brand you could buy. The Al Moen faucets always seem to appear in these reviews and with good cause as his designs are now in 50% of all homes in the United States and are still popular today. This wasn’t always the case though as the AL Moen design, he only invented in 1947, 10 years after he has been scalded by the then traditional faucet. From that day in 1937, Al was determined to come up with a better design for a faucet and after a few failures, eventually succeeded in 1947 and his idea was so different and efficient that within 12 years, by 1959, his design of faucet was sold to over one million homes in the US alone and many more in 55 different countries.

Although the Al Moen designed faucets have continued to sell well ever since there is today some revolutionary designs which are also becoming popular and so it perhaps those faucets you should look at reviews for as you probably already know of any pros and cons of the Al Moen ones. Although having 50% of all faucets in the US is good, it does mean that 50% of homes do not have the Moen faucets and so that must show that at least some people have found other faucets more suitable for their particular needs and that may also be the case with you.

Prior to Al Moen being scalded and in fact, for the following 10 years after that, only one type of faucet had ever been used and that was the same type that was used way back in 1700BC in the Minoan Civilization. In those days though the faucets were either made of gold, silver or marble and similar ones were used by the Romans in the case of Rome, the faucets were generally always made of silver but gold and marble still used on the faucets fittings.

The Minoan and Roman faucet design was the same one used up until Moen designed a new one but of course, in later years, the faucets started to become made of more easily found materials making their price cheaper and therefore affordable for people other than just the very wealthy. As faucets became a part of everyday life, it probably never occurred to anyone prior to Loan that a better design could be found.

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