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Furniture Buffers

Furniture buffers are super compacted felt pads which are attached to the feet of furniture in order to make them both easy to move and also to protect the flooring on which the furniture sits. Although fairly basic and relatively cheap, these furniture pads can save you a lot of money by preventing you from scratching or in any other way damaging your floor whilst moving furniture around either for cleaning purposes or for a rearranged look.

Of course though these same pads will also save you a lot of time and trouble should you have to relocate your home at any time and as they are durable and long lasting, once you have attached a pad to the foot of your furniture, you will never have to replace it.

Many people today have found themselves with unneeded bills for repairs to their flooring, especially if they have linoleum flooring, just because they were not careful enough when moving their furniture but now, by using furniture buffers, they will never have to face similar bills again. The buffers come in different sizes and so you should buy a pack of the size which is appropriate for your furniture however, as most of us have an assortment of different furniture, the pads also come in a variety pack which has some pads of differing sizes.

Although designed for the larger pieces of furniture as those are the pieces that will usually give the most problems, the pads may not be small enough for smaller, more delicate pieces of furniture but, as the pads can easily be trimmed down to a suitable size by just using a pair of scissors, small delicate pieces of furniture need never give problems again either. The back of each pad has a suitable and strong glue and so to attach a pad to the foot of a piece of furniture, all you need do is remove the cover from the glue and place the glue side of the pad to the furniture’s foot.

Even when being slid across the floor, which can now easily be done, the glue will keep the pad in place, ensuring it provides maximum protection to both the item of furniture and to the floor. The uses for these pads do not stop at just protecting the floor from moving furniture; they can also be used for a multitude of other things around the home.

Some people have used them on the inside of cupboard doors to ensure that the doors do not slam noisily whilst others have placed them underneath their laptops. When these pads are placed under a laptop, they lift the laptop up, causing air to freely flow underneath it and thereby keeping the laptop cooler. As these pads are strong and durable and easily cut to any size required, you too will find many uses for them in your home, some which other people have already found plus some that they haven’t but still provide you with a service.

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